Honored professors

Anatoliy Stankov


stankovThe first to elaborate the Law of Ukraine "On Banks and Banking Activity", the designer of the first Ukrainian hryvnia and coins. The member of subcommittee on banks and bank activity of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, member of the elaboration of the Law of Ukraine "On the National Bank of Ukraine", draftsman of 84 proposals for individual articles of the Law that were adopted, co-draftsman of many Laws of Ukraine concerning finance and banking.

Stephen Mitnick


Director of the "Risk Management" program in the Center of Financial Research in Frankfurt, Germany, Professor of Financial Econometrics Department of the Institute of Statistics, the University of Munich.

A member of the editorial boards of numerous scientific professional publications, namely magazines "Computers and Mathematics", "Research of non-linear dynamics and econometrics." Scientific editor of the book series "Dynamic modeling and econometrics in economy and finance", magazine "Financial Management and Analysis", "Empirical Economics", "Statistical calculations", "Financial risks".

Chairman of the technical committee on business and management methods of the International Control Federation, member of the International Statistical Institute since 1997, member of the Supervisory Committee of the in-depth study program of the economy of the Institute of the World Economy in Kiel since 2000, member of a board of directors of German Statistical Society since 2004.


Miroslav Kalinowskyi


Dean of the Faculty of Theology of the Catholic University, Lublin (Poland), consultant of Pastoral Commission of the Polish Episcopate, member of the Priestly council of Warmia Archdiocese, a member of the Lublin Scientific Society (since 2002), delegate of the Rector of “KUL” on Foreign Affairs, Chairman of the Expert Council for Standards training profile of Sciences of the family (since 2004), Chairman of the Convention of the European College of Polish and Ukrainian Universities, Chairman of "Cooperation of Universities to support the Lublin and Lviv Regions". Received a rector award for the development of international affairs of KUL(2002), Knight Order of Rebirth of Poland (2008) and the Medal of the President of Lublin (2009) for his significant contribution to the development of the city.

Yuri Osipov


The mathematician, teacher and professor, president of the Russian Academy of Sciences (1991 - 2013), Member of Russian Academy of Sciences (since 1987), Chairman of the Interagency Scientific Council of the Russian Academy of Sciences and the Russian Academy of Medical Sciences in the fundamental problems of medicine, member of the Security Council under the President of Russia, member of the Council for Science, Technology and Education under the President of Russia.

Chief Editor of the periodicals "Reports of the Academy of Sciences", "Bulletin of the Russian Academy of Sciences", "Computing Mathematics and Mathematical Physics", chairman of the editorial board of the series "Science.Vision. Life"

Creator of an idea of Financial Economics and the Global Economy.

Zdzislaw Sokal


Financial expert, banking analyst, a former member of the National Bank of Poland, former Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Kredobank SA (Ukraine).

Janusz Techke


International Management department Chairman of the Faculty of Economics and International Relations of Krakiw University of Economics (Poland), Vice-Rector of Research and International Cooperation of KUE (2002-2008), Professor, Doctor of Economics, Vice President of Network of International Business and Economics of the students mobility school.

Petro Poroshenko


Ukrainian statesman and politician, the fifth President of Ukraine, businessman, Honored Economist of Ukraine, Commander of the Order of Merit of III and II degrees, awarded a diploma of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, laureate of the State Prize of Ukraine in the sphere of science and technology, author of many scientific publications and monographs, laureate of P. Orlyk International prize, Candidate of Juridical Sciences.

Erich Keller


Rector of the Higher School - University of Applied Sciences of the Federal Bank of Germany (Hahenburh, Germany), member of the Council of Rectors of Rhineland-Palatinate, professor, scholar.

Reinhold Hless


Director of "FATTER Consulting" firm, Shyrhizvalde, Germany. The firm is involved in organizing and conducting international projects in the field of higher education and vocational education as well as supporting the international economic cooperation. Member of the three examination boards in the Dresden Chamber of Commerce on improving the training of specialists in the field of industry, trade and transport.

Rudolf Hammerschmidt


Banking analyst, consultant on banking, former chairman of the Social Bank in Cologne, Germany. He was awarded a medal of the German Red Cross, the Order of Merit, member of the Rotary Club.

Franz Peter Lang


Professor, Doctor, vice-rector of the European University of Economics and Management (Luxembourg), Chairman of the Senate of Higher School of Economics and Management (Essen, Germany), member of the Management Board of Sozialwirtschaft AG Bank in Berlin /Cologne, President of the Federal Union of German economists, Editor of "Economic Integration".