Educational and Training banks

navchalni banki

Educational and Training Banks

Practical training –is one of the priorities of education at the Banking University.

Educational and training banks, firms have been successfully working for more than ten years in the institutes of Banking University.

Educational and training bank is a working model of real bank. The students are employees of this bank. The first in Ukraine the educational and training bank “Slavutich” created in Cherkasy institute in 1998.

Kharkiv institute has the training station. It consists of the educational and training bank, training firms. A virtual joint-stock commercial "Intelbank" works on this base. It created by members of the club "Banker".

At the University created a unique two-tier system – a educational-training bank that reflects the full cycle of movement of money in the banking system in the country. For practical training of students using the program 1C: Accounting 8.1 and 1C:Accounting 7.7.